In the continuity of the last four biennial conferences, CISCEM 2021 aims at bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scientists from the fields of biology, materials science, chemistry, and physics, to discuss future directions of in-situ electron microscopy research. Topics will include nanoscale studies of biological samples and functional materials under realistic or near realistic conditions, for example, in gaseous environments, at elevated temperatures, and in liquid. We will discuss how dynamical processes can be studied down to the atomic scale while taking into account the electron beam effects and how time and spatial resolutions in complex media can be extended using technical developments or artificial intelligence. CISCEM is also open to other in-situ techniques, such as light microscopy, X-ray, near field, or scanning probe microscopy and theoretical approaches, with the view to stimulate fruitful discussions on multi-scale and correlative methodologies.

Because of the health crisis, CISCEM 2021 will be a hybrid conference with participants on-site at the University of Paris and online participants who, unfortunately, will not be able to make the trip. Despite this troubling time, we wish to keep up the momentum of the CISCEM community, and we hope to see many of you in Paris in late summer.

Scientific Committee

Mølhave de Jonge
Damien Alloyeau

CNRS / University of Paris, France

Kristian Mølhave

Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

Niels de Jonge

INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Saarbrücken, Germany


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27. July 2021 14:19

You have probably seen that the sanitary regulations in France have rapidly evolved in the last weeks, including the implementation of a health pass.
In short, the health pass is mandatory for access to restaurants, museums and events gathering more than 50 people.

15. February 2021 09:49
12. February 2021 11:22

You can view the proceedings of CISCEM 2018 here.